Security On Alert To Quell Planned Chaos, Nabakooba

By Kungu Al-mahadi Adam

The country is safe and security will work fast to arrest anyone planning to create chaos.

Hon Judith Nabakooba

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Hon Judith Nabakooba, says government is aware of planned chaos by some self-seeking individuals in Kampala and other parts of the country in the first days of February.

She says no semblance of such will be allowed to happen and that all security agencies are on alert and will not hesitate to arrest individuals indulging in any criminal activities.

Below is her full press statement on the same;

Press Statement on the 31st January 2021

COVID-19, 40,000 cases is worrisome
Time to revert to earlier epidemic alert levels.

Fellow countrymen and women, I want to start by congratulating everyone upon the just concluded national liberation celebrations.

We all acknowledge that a lot of progress has happened since 1986 and therefore the 26th of January everyday gives us reason to celebrate.

The UPDF has transformed into a professional army with so many skilled officers serving in different capacities.

I would like to call upon everyone to continue supporting and praying for our forces. His Excellency guided on the seven national priorities as Defence, Roads, Railways, Electricity, Health, Education, Wealth Funds, Salary for scientists.

Dear Ugandan’s, now that the election period is almost over, I call upon everyone to refocus their energies towards the fight against COVID-19 as well as the existing government programs such as wealth creation and youth funds.

We all must acknowledge that during the election period, there was a lot of laxity regarding the prevention of COVID-19.

As of today, the country is about to reach 40,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The confirmed cases of Ugandans with COVID-19 is now at 39,533 cases with 324 deaths.

Kampala area with its neighboring districts of Wakiso, Mukono still accounts for 50 percent of all cases countrywide.

This is the time when we all must wakeup before this disease overwhelms us.

I would like to remind all Ugandans about the following aspects.

Usually, elections are followed by petitions in courts of law challenging several aspects.

We have also witnessed the overcrowding in and around the courts of law with supporters gathering to follow petitions.

Going forward, we have all been advised to stay away from the courts of law limiting presence to only the immediate parties and their lawyers.

Communication from the Chief Justice is meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and strengthen the existing SOPs.

Regarding the Reopening of schools for all learners to allow physical interactions is still on hold.

We have come to learn that some schools are secretly violating this guidance and allowing students of other classes to attend school physically.

I call upon all school administrators and parents involved to immediately stop.

Currently the only provision for physical interactions is with the candidate classes.

During the NRM caucus meeting yesterday, we received a brief from the Ministry of Education about the state of preparedness in some institutions countrywide.

Cabinet sitting tomorrow will receive a full report on the state of preparedness

As we wait for guidance from our scientists and His Excellency the President, I call upon all academic institutions to continue working on the expected Standard Operating Procedures.

I would like to call upon all Ugandans to continue with washing of hands with soap all the time.

Let us continue putting on our face masks all the time when out in public with friends or family.

COVID-19 kills but we have the power to prevent it.

Recently His Excellency the President launched our own locally made trial drug developed by our scientists.

We take pride in all local efforts being done to find local solutions towards this epidemic.

The full resumption of normal business in all sectors largely relies on us finding local solutions to the challenges presented by this epidemic.

Finally, government has received information that there are some people are planning to cause chaos between the 3rd and 7th February.

These individuals are moving around spreading harmful propaganda that the country will shut down during those days.

They are intimidating taxi drivers and the public against being on the road and places of work during those days.

I call upon anyone to disassociate themselves from any evil plan.

The country is safe and security will work fast to arrest anyone planning to create chaos.

Let us continue working together for development of our country.

For God and My Country

Hon Judith Nabakooba (MP)

Min for ICT and National Guidance

Author: adamkungu

Ugandan Journalist with passion for African affairs| Expert on Somalia| Former Talkshow host on Top TV and Radio| Talkshow Host Baba TV and Radio 4.

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