Sports Minister Obua: FUFA Suffered Budget Cuts, It Shouldn’t Be Pinned

By Kungu Al-mahadi Adam

We are aware that in the last financial year, due to budgetary cuts, the FUFA did not even receive the Shs10 billion which is ring fenced.

Uganda’s Minister of State for Sports Denis Hamson Obua has revealed that the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) suffered budgets cuts in the previous financial year due to COVID19 pandemic.

Obua who was talking to one of local televisions on Tuesday also said the local football governing body has always been audited by government and found to be accountable.

The remarks come at a time when some individuals including those aspiring to lead FUFA have been propagating allegations of lack of transparency and accountability on the part of the Eng Moses Magogo led football governing body.

Last week, Mike Mutyaba, a former Uganda Cranes’ player alleged that the FUFA President has been swindling money meant for players’ welfare from government. Also, Allan Ssewanyana, one of the aspirants for FUFA presidency on Monday said Eng Magogo has failed to account for the monies from government and other sources.

He said the system at FUFA is not transparent and laws or statutes are only made to close out any possible challenges to presidency or accountability.

“Accountability is to report to those you are responsible to and for. Mr. magogo has not in any way reported to those he is responsible to such as Government, tax payers while at the same time the Footballers and Administrators have suffered same fate,” claimed Ssewanyana.

However, according to the Minister, any entity that receives funding from the consolidated fund must adhere to accounting for the received money as well as undergoing a forensic audit, which have both been applied to FUFA.

“Government gives money not only to FUFA, but to all the 51 registered and recognized national sports federations and associations who receive public funds. They all account for the funds and are subjected to audit,” said Minister Obua.

FUFA is meant to receive Shs10 billion every year from government but the minister says this was not possible in the previous financial year when the association suffered budget cuts due to COVID19 pandemic.

“I want to confirm to you that a year or two, the FUFA and the National Council of Sports in Uganda, were both subjected to a forensic audit in terms of the public fund that they receive from the government of Uganda,” Obua said.

He explained that the said Shs10 billion given to FUFA from government annually is meant to facilitate the preparation of the various national teams including U17, U20, U23 senior team and the Women football team as well as enabling participation in regional, continental and international tournaments as well as paying salaries for the national football team coaches.

“We are aware that in the last financial year, due to budgetary cuts, the FUFA did not even receive the Shs10 billion which is ring fenced. The information I have is that they received less. In this financial year, we have not reached to the end, we are left with one quarter and we hope that within the priorities of the federation, they should be able to prioritize what falls within the resource envelope that is received since all entities in Uganda suffered a budget cut,” revealed the Minister.

A source at FUFA who preferred anonymity, told this reporter that it is not only the last financial year when there budget was cut but the leadership can’t come out to publicly state it due to fear of being wrongly perceived as fighting government.

Meanwhile, the minister advised individuals alleging that Eng Moses Magogo failed to account for money from government to always use proper channels to seek remedy.

“FUFA is bigger than an individual – the president, it is headquartered with human resource. If the players out there are talking about the aspect of welfare, we believe that there could have been a better channel for them to have followed,” the minister said.

Author: adamkungu

Ugandan Journalist with passion for African affairs| Expert on Somalia| Former Talkshow host on Top TV and Radio| Talkshow Host Baba TV and Radio 4.

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