Parish Development Model, Regional Markets Key In Fight Against Poverty, Nabakooba Says

By Kungu Al-mahadi Adam

Hon Judith Nabakooba, Minister of ICT and National Guidance.

Let local leaders do their part in sensitizing communities on how to form new SACCOS or how to join already existing ones.

Important Note

The Minister of ICT and National Guidance, Judith Nabakooba, has rallied Ugandans to work harder and as well embrace the newly introduced Parish Development Model programme if poverty is to be eradicated from communities.

The Minister who was Sunday delivering her weekly press address, said that the President reminded the country about the need for integration during his swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, hinted on integration as a key to transformation because it gives the country access to the bigger markets.

“Access to big markets enables Ugandans sale their products and get money that is necessary for a good life. However, we must add value to our products especially in the agricultural sector in order to gain from these regional markets,” said the Minister before adding that “value addition requires hard work and being well organized.”

She said the battle against poverty requires a lot of hard work.

On the Parish Development Model, she said that the programme is going to put all Wealth Creation funds at the parish level apart from the Myoga that will remain at the constituency level.

“This model puts money directly in the hands of the people through the parish SACCOS,” said the Minister.

She reminded the country about a warning by the president to members and leaders against diverting wealth creation funds into other non-intended activities.

“Families and individuals need to be ready and well organized in order to benefit from the Parish model,” Nabakooba said.

“I therefore call upon all leaders especially at the Parish level to wake up and play their part. Let local leaders do their part in sensitizing communities on how to form new SACCOS or how to join already existing ones,” she added.

She further noted that it is everybody’s responsibility to make good of their leadership thus rallying every parish member to reach out to their Parish leaders and demand to know how you can benefit from the parish model.

“This leadership should not be limited to the politicians alone.”

“Parents, church leaders, cultural leaders and individuals should all come out and do their part in this transformation,” explained the Minister.

Author: adamkungu

Ugandan Journalist with passion for African affairs| Expert on Somalia| Former Talkshow host on Top TV and Radio| Talkshow Host Baba TV and Radio 4.

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