Excerpts From MP Sarah Najjuma’s Interview on Radio 4

There was no sufficient sensitisation of the people on the Emyooga Funds, the money was prematurely and hurriedly disbursed into the communities. The timing was just bad.

In Nakaseke, we got about Shs1.6 billion, but most of its intended beneficiaries did not receive it

Even the people manning Emyooga Funds in different parts of the country, are not versed with the dynamics of this money.

Many people had a lot of hopes in Emyooga but they did not benefit from it. This program was meant to help the common people but they have not benefited.

Even if these groups are treated as SACCOs but they are actually not. You can not hurriedly gather whoever you find from all over, tell them to pay Shs100,000 for membership and Shs50,000 for registration and then call that a SACCO, no. These are something else.

The Shs30 million of Emyooga program per group is too little to create an impact in the lives of the people.

Some people to date still say that this money was a donation for them from President Yoweri Museveni to vote for him on January 14.

The Emyooga Program needs to be urgently revisited and revised to reach the intended beneficiaries.

In Nakaseke District, there are ‘SACCOs’ with money on their accounts yet they are not registered. They are yet to fulfill all the necessary prerequisites but money is already wired on their accounts, what a shame! We can’t handle public money like that.

Government should revise its way of operation. A few individuals should not sit here in Kampala and come up with programs without thorough due diligence on their applicability in our areas. Most of these programs are failing because of not involving local leaders starting from village level.

It is my prayer that Emyooga Funds issue is quickly brought for debate in Parliament because we need to guard the upcoming Parish Development Model program from suffering the same fate.

The Emyooga money is already in the communities but mostly benefiting ‘abagezigezi’ and this is wrong, our people who were targeted are not being helped.

Why should RDCs be the focal point of Emyooga Funds program? Many of these are perceived as partisan, how will beneficiaries they don’t agree with politically work together on this money? As the NRM government, we are meant to equally serve all the people without looking their colours.

The Emyooga Program ought to incorporate the Local Government structure as it is the case for UWEP money.

On Friday, we have the NRM parliamentary Caucus meeting, we shall base on our findings explicitly tell government that this business of throwing money into communities without doing any impact and then ‘eaten’ by a few ‘bagezigezi’ should stop.

Some people sit here in Kampala and think of how to get money, that is how they come up with such programs, they convince the President who by the way grants them because he wants to see Ugandans out of poverty.

I appeal to parents to protect our children who are currently at home. I always find them hawking which puts them at risk. I also appeal to the President and the COVID19 national task force to reopen places of worship to reduce the increasing number of domestic violence.

As I conclude, I want to thank the Ministry of Health for continuing to guide the country on COVID. I however want to ask them to be serious on fighting the disease in Nakaseke. Imagine the whole of Nakaseke District was given only 400 COVID19 doses out of which 150 doses went to Nakaseke hospital. This is literally nothing given the number of patients Nakaseke Hospital serves from Luweero, Kiboga, Nakaseke, Nakasongola, Mityana, etcetera. You should not do things for their sake, something out to be immediately done.

Hon Sarah Najjuma, is the Nakaseke District Woman MP and Vice Chairperson of the Gender, labour and Social Development Committee of Parliament.

Show conducted on August 18, 7-8:30pm on Radio 4 Ntinda, hosted by Kungu Al-mahadi Adam.

Author: adamkungu

Ugandan Journalist with passion for African affairs| Expert on Somalia| Former Talkshow host on Top TV and Radio| Talkshow Host Baba TV and Radio 4.

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