Ethiopia Under Libya-like Attack by Imperialists, Africa Must Rise to Defend Its Own

OPINION By Kungu Al-mahadi Adam

Since the outbreak of fighting between Ethiopia federal security forces and Tigray regional forces when the Latter, attacked military bases in the area and gruesomely murdered thousands of soldiers, all indicators point to the fact that the ancient nation is explicitly under attack in a Libya-like style by imperialists who seem not ready to relent until Ethiopia’s legitimate government falls.

Having imposed all sorts of bad governance on the people of Ethiopia ranging from lack of accountability, tribalism, corruption, to poor economic growth for 27 years they ruled the country before being forced out by mass protests, TPLF has vowed to by hook or crook return to power.

With support from its western and known African allies, the group has rejected reforms and reconciliatory efforts by the new government and for a year now, it has meted all forms of human rights violation and war crimes on civilian population in Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions.

Thousands of people have since been killed and others displaced, women and girls raped, children kidnapped and forced to join the armed group before making them march ahead of their ranks as human shields.

The intention is to first of all, make the country ungovernable for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, but also create ground for the direct intervention of TPLF’s international allies and ensure that the legitimate government is forced out of power and they (TPLF) are clandestinely returned.

TPLF massacred over 6000 soldiers during the attacks on the Northern Command in the first five days of that first year of the war, which began on November 3. Altogether they murdered over 7600 people over the course of a week.

These atrocities have carried-on amid sponsored biased reporting by the international media who have taken it upon themselves to act as the mouthpiece of the declared terrorist group – amplifying their agenda against the State.

Of course as expected, they are widely reporting how Tigrayans are persecuted but never do they report that TPLF attacked military bases, later rejected Unilateral Ceasefire declared by federal government and that it is commiting more atrocities on Ethiopians on a daily as well as stifling access of humanitarian support in Tigray inorder to attract international sympathy.

Government’s numerous calls to the international community to assess the Tigray conflict with objectivity have been literally been ignored, the US and the West instead, are consistently accusing government of human rights violation as well as piling pressure on it to bow down to the rebels.

They have never recognized the fact that the federal government has a responsibility of protecting civilians from any form of aggression. Never have they highlighted government’s moves of extending humanitarian support to the affected communities or its numerous efforts to reconcile with TPLF. All they are doing is to blame.

Indeed, in a deliberate and syndicated manner to mislead the international community about the conflict, Western media has repeatedly claimed that Ethiopian government was committing genocide in Tigray and that it is starving its people by allegedly blocking humanitarian aid access to the area, which allegations were this week dispelled by a joint investigation team of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and the UN office of the High Commissioner for human rights.

The two bodies established that the claim of genocide is false and utterly lacking of any factual basis. The report states that they did not find evidence to support the claim of deliberate or willfully denial of humanitarian assistance to the civilian population in Tigray or the use of starvation as a weapon of war.

Taking Libya as an Example, Africa is on Trial

It is evident that the failure to appreciate the real situation in Tigray by the West and the Biden administration coupled with misrepresenting and misreporting of facts by the western media, is not by mistake, it is deliberate and aimed at returning TPLF to power so as to serve the interests of the imperialists in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole.

But can Africa and the Africans pass the test this time or, they will sheepishly observe as the imperialists pounce on them once again as it was the case for Libya’s Muammar Qadhafi?

In Libya, the sponsored Benghazi uprising in February 2011 and the eventual NATO-led intervention (Operation Unified Protector), saw Qadhafi’s regime swept from power by an overwhelming majority of the population. Several reports on what exactly transpired indicate that it was intended to serve foreign interests more than the local population.

See, when Qadhafi was still effectively in power and the bulk of the Libyan armed forces apparently remaining loyal, Western media and countries as they are currently doing in Ethiopia, claimed that Qadhafi’s desperate regime was clinging to power by wielding extreme violence against its people and deploying vicious foreign mercenaries.

By March 2011, it was generally assumed that Qadhafi’s fighters, whoever they were, would massacre thousands of civilians if they managed to re-enter Benghazi, and if the Western powers and their regional allies did not step up to the plate with some sort of humanitarian intervention on behalf of the “Libyan revolution.”

Recently, in Ethiopia there was a revelation that foreign fighters of lighter skin, presumably Egyptians or Arabs, had been sighted in some parts of Amhara and Tigray fighting a long with TPLF. There have also been allegations that some UN officials were supplying weaponry and communication gadgets to terrorists.

With the ongoing false propaganda of how the terrorists are advancing to Addis Ababa through Amhara, the Biden administration which is by the way, perceived to be holding TPLF’s hand and other western allies, can opt to aggressively intervene in Ethiopia not for purposes of restoring normalcy but for their interests as they did in Libya if Africa and Africans do not immediately rise to defend their own.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is fought against for implementing reforms aimed at uniting the country as well as ensuring the rule of law, while advocating for peace, reconciliation and healing to many of the country’s ailments.

TPLF rejected the reforms because they meant loss of dominance over all aspects of political and economic life as well as influence over military and security sectors. Their leaders were no longer able to live above the law.

The writer is a Ugandan Journalist with passion for current African affairs.

Author: adamkungu

Ugandan Journalist with passion for African affairs| Expert on Somalia| Former Talkshow host on Top TV and Radio| Talkshow Host Baba TV and Radio 4.

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